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Four Things You Won’t Want to Miss at Atomic Burger

When I heard a new concept hamburger place was opening in Metairie, I was very intrigued. Atomic Burger is located on Veterans, tucked among a series of fast food restaurants and businesses. Cara, Tiffany, Marion, and I were recently treated to dinner at Atomic Burger where we learned it’s not your ordinary fast food.

Fresh Burgers I’m a hamburger junkie. I love hamburgers so much that I actually have a small hamburger cookbook. I have tried all sorts of hamburgers, but I always seem to return to the basics. You won’t find a plethora of fancy burgers here; however, Atomic Burger is anything but ordinary. They grind their beef daily and you can taste the difference in their burgers. There are also sliders for smaller appetites; I got one of each! The burgers can also be slightly altered, such as without a bun or slider flavors on a regular size burger. We all got a slightly difference burger: I, Jamburger and green chile sliders; Cara, a bunless burger with Swiss and mushrooms; Marion, a regular hamburger; and Tiffany, a regular-sized Jamburger. Each burger was equally delicious.

Nitrogen Chilled Shakes When you enter Atomic Burger, you’ll immediately notice an interesting contraption near the front counter. This is the shake machine and the only one known in existence to use nitrogen to chilly the creamy treats. I do admit that I’ve been making it a practice to try a different shake during each visit. This time, I settled on a yummy wedding cake shake and the rest of our party had chocolate, strawberry, and KING CAKE! The shakes are so good that they could make a meal in themselves, or at least that’s what my son thinks. It is no surprise that Atomic Burger goes through 1000 liters of nitrogen a week.

Handcut Fries When I was a little girl, my dad used to handcut French fries a lot of times. In fact, it was a treat to get a raw piece of potato before hand. When I first had fries from Atomic Burger, I was brought back to those days. There is no seasoning or overabundance of salt masking the simple flavor of the fries. They are pure potato perfection.

Southern Hospitality Atomic Burgers is owned by two brothers from Metairie. Joe Spitale came over to our table and discussed some of the philosophy behind the restaurant. He does not consider Atomic Burger a place that serves gourmet burgers, but a better quality fast food establishment. I find that the quality extends beyond the food. I returned to Atomic Burger with my children later that week. Nick Spitale himself went over and beyond to help me with my order. I appreciated being treated patiently, especially in a fast food establishment.

You will not find a fish sandwich or a toy with your meal at Atomic Burger. The only “gimmicks” here are great food and great service. Atomic Burger can be found at 3934 Veterans Memorial Blvd and is open from 11am to 9pm. You can explore their menu further on their website and find out their most popular items on Facebook. Atomic Burger has been generous enough to offer of our readers a $20 gift card to dine. To enter, please fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

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